Swedish Luxury

Gustaf III Kommitté promotes Swedish heritage, culture and excellent craftsmanship. It gathers premium Swedish brands in order to fortify their international position.

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In November, during Dubai Design Week, "Swedish Excellence" gathers five Swedish premium companies that unite under the umbrella organisation Gustaf III Kommitté, to show the world Swedish high-end creations, based on timeless design, innovation, quality and uniqueness. Meet the passionate founders behind the brands and discover the journey from idea to final creation.

Halda Watch    OceanSky Cruises    Orrefors Kosta Boda     Towe Jewels

Also represented are Hotel Diplomat, Villa Dagmar,  Asplund, Svenskt Tenn, Vandra Rugs, GAD, VO Vapen,

The Absolut Company and Reijmyre Glassworks



CHAIRMAN Anna Cappelen, chairman and partner of Hotel Diplomat
MEMBER of the BOARD Towe Norlén, founder of Towe Jewels 
MEMBER of the BOARD Mikael Sandström, CEO of Halda Watch Co.

Sweden has a long history of excellent craftsmanship, reaching back to prehistoric times, an old reputation of innovation, and carries a strong, specific design-style known world-wide. The brands that push forward Sweden's craftsmanship, high level of innovation and uniqueness, will be stronger by working together under one roof.
Gustaf III Kommitté is a member of the European Cultural and Creative Industries Alliance ECCIA.


The admission criteria for the Gustaf III Kommitté are defined as follows:

•    The brand represents the highest  standards in terms of quality, design and service
•    The brand enjoys an outstanding reputation
•    The brand is positioned at the top price segment of its category
•    The brand is managed in Sweden by an independent organization
•    The brand complies with the basic principles of selective distribution
•    The brand shares, and actively supports, the philosophy, the mission and the goals of the Gustaf III Kommitté.

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The Gustaf III Kommitté represents a culture of excellence in Sweden. Strict membership criteria applies.



Gustaf III Kommitté is committed to work closely together with the other European excellent craftsmanship organizations and will seek collaborations to strengthen the European market as to keep our European know-how living and encourage its development.


Gustaf III Kommitté has taken its name from King Gustaf III (1746-1792) who today is one of the most well-known, as well as most controversial, Swedish kings. During his life-time he supported and strengthened culture and art, and he founded the Royal Opera, The Royal Theater and The Swedish Academy.

Gustaf III Kommitté, founded 2018, is a not-for-profit organization, funded by a combination of annual member fees and corporate sponsorship.  


Gustav III Kommitté promotes the members to reinforce the idea of sustainability and environmentally-friendly design.
Handcrafted objects made with timeless design, durable materials and a high level of craftsmanship are meant
to exist forever and often have the right to do so through their quality and value.